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Click [add tent] and fill in proper dimensions (without ropes). If your tent is rectangular, select 'square'; if it is oval, select 'circle'. A 3' allowance is given for ropes. If your tent does not have ropes, select 'no ropes'.

When you add a tent, a square model will appear top left of the 'field'. Click and move this model anywhere within the 'field' to arrange your camp. If you add multiple tents at once, the tent squares will stack upon each other, but you can still drag them to arrange your design.

When you have been given your final plot measurements by the Land Steward, you can enter that at the bottom of the page for a more accurate model arrangement. The green square perimeter will adjust accordingly.

If you have not been given the camp final dimensions, you can make 3 or more arrangements and print them out! So if you arrive on site, and the allotment is different, you have a starting point at least!

To share your camp layout with others, click [share camp] for a pop-up window with a link to your model.

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total sqft: 0 requires 0 registrations

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