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Interview with Foster Braun from American Road Magazine about the Covered Bridges iPhone app

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Welcome to Covered Bridges - Your Field Companion

Are you a Covered Bridge fanatic? Are you on a mission to see all the bridges you can see? Covered Bridges is here!

This app has a lot of information on over 1800 covered bridges in North America. That means the search function has to be strong, it is!

You can search by Rating, Visited, Wish List, City, State, County, Truss Type, and Much More! You can even use advanced search functions. You are one touch from only viewing the bridges that are still standing and publicly accessible!

The main view gives you access to the information you need most at a glance. Whether you have visited the bridge, it is on your 'wish list', whether it is accessible, truss type, and your rating.

There is a Trip Planner! Now you can add bridges to groups, view by groups, and you are one click away from plotting an optimized trip based on the bridges in a group! Dont have active GPS lock? The journey will begin from the first bridge in your group.

There is history, driving directions, designation (HABS, NSPCB, HNHCBPP, etc.), spans, WGN numbers, lengths, dates and on and on. A lot of time has been taken gathering, and collating data.

Pictures! What is a bridge app without them. You can take pictures of bridges and store them right in the app! You are a few touches away from adding that gorgeous image of WGN #01-22-01 to your list.

Whether you are a casual observer or on a mission to see every bridge standing, 'Covered Bridges' is for you! Get it now and start cataloguing your adventures!

image used in preview courtesy of dennis on CC