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Preference Pane View

When entering the preferences view you will be presented with a few options.

View of Preference Pane life totalSet your life counter starting number. For some card games like Magic the Gathering, the starting point would be 20, but you can put anything you want in! Customize the amount and dont worry, next time you launch WyzFam, it will still start at that level!

View of Preference Pane life totalSo you have a list of items, and while looking at that list, you want to go to eBay to see the going price. This little option will be your friend. Set the 'Launch' URL of the site you want to go to in WyzFam. This is the page that will appear when you select the "Show Browser" button in the 'List' view. Now in the middle of a game, or match, you wont have to quit WyzFam to look something up. This isnt a full featured browser, Apple already made that. This is a basic browser so you can get the information you need most often, and then get back to the game!